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Adventure Racing

Multiple disciplines combined with navigation in remote locations that test equipment and athlete - this is adventure racing. Races often include trekking, paddling, mountain biking, swimming, rope work; however they can have any number of other sports as competitor’s journey across a course navigating from control point to control point.

Expedition Adventure Racing

Expedition style races are multi day and discipline adventures taking teams across long distances and varied landscapes. This is the ultimate in endurance racing. These races are about the journey. Teams navigate across a landscape collecting checkpoints while managing their own supplies and implementing sleep and nutrition strategies. They must be prepared for anything and be able to operate in harsh remote environments in all weather conditions.

Wildside Adventure Race

WildsideAR will provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to those intrepid souls who have the true spirit of adventure in their hearts, who in another time would have been explorers and who long to undertake a special journey that will leave them changed forever.

Racers will use map, compass together with their own wits and skills to navigate their way over an unmarked route by mountain biking, rafting, paddling, trekking, orienteering, trail running, and maybe a few other surprises through the majestic Mid North Coast of NSW. Teams will have to problem solve, route find and persevere over a true, unmarked wild expedition course that will reset boundaries, while providing a life-altering experience!

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Wildside Adventure Race   Wildside Adventure Race
WildsideAdventureRace3  Wildside Adventure Race

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