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trek Leg 1 : 37km Trek

Whoota Trek


From the start at Great Lakes Paddocks teams will head up into the Bachelor State Forest and down towards the Wallingat River. From the Ferny Creek Picnic area they will have to swim across the river and climb into the Wallingat NP towards the first high point of the race – Whoota Lookout. This is not only the best viewpoint in the Park, but also one of the greatest in NSW. Teams that reach here at sunrise will be rewarded with a spectacular sight. From here the trek winds down to the lakeside township of Coomba. This friendly village offers peace and tranquillity miles away from the stresses of everyday city life right on the edge of Wallis Lake. The village has a large resident kangaroo population that will surely greet teams as they head towards TA1.

paddle Leg 2 : 37km Trek

Wallamba Paddle 


Still water paddle across the back of Wallis Lake and up the Wallamba River from Coomba to Bullocky Wharf in Nabiac. Wallis Lake is one of the cleanest lakes in Australia and is home of the Sydney rock oyster. This is one of the few places you can eat an oyster straight from the lake. The Wallamba River was once a busy river with timber punts transporting to waiting steamers in Tuncurry for a journey south. Nabiac means ‘place of the wild fig’ and lies between lands once inhabited by the Biripi and Worimi Aboriginal Tribes. It is now home to café’s and quirky second clothes shops.

paddle Leg 3 : 39km Mtn Bike

Breakneck Mountain


Undulating ride on fire trail and tracks through the Kiwarrak State Forest. This leg starts with a Highway underpass then a short ride on the Pacific Highway. After visiting Breakneck Lookout the ride enters the Manning Valley single track park. This has some of the best single track on the Coast and is the rogaine site. After the rogaine teams head towards the township of Tinonee. 

navigation Leg 4 : Rogaine 

Great Lakes Minning TipRiders 


Welcome to some of the best single track on the coast and the home of the Great Lakes Manning Tip Riders. Teams will mark up map 7 from the master map on site and collect CP’s on foot. Teams time of arrival will determine the number of CP’s they will have to collect. Later teams will collect less CP’s. If teams arrive after midnight they skip this rogaine and proceed to Tinonee.

paddle Leg 5 : 27km Kayak 

Manning River Paddle 


Teams will follow in the footsteps of early timber getters as they sent timber down the Manning River. This river paddle will have a stop beside the township of Taree where they will to find CP14. Taree and nearby Cundletown were settled in 1831 by William Wynter. From Taree teams paddle down river to Coopernook. Along the way they will pass the rich pastures of the Manning Valley.

bike Leg 6 : 51km Mtn Bike 

Big Nellie 


This is where the race starts to climb. This ride will take teams into the Coorabakh NP and Lansdowne State Forest - 1830 hectares of rugged wilderness. Found within the park are the Spotted-tailed Quoll, Paradise Riflebird and Rufous Scrub Bird, among many other animal and bird species. The feature of this leg is the climb of Big Nellie; an ancient and exposed volcanic plug 457m above sea level. From here teams will continue to climb up to the township of Comboyne.

bike Leg 7 : 22km Trek

Ellenborough Falls, Elands 


This the most remote part of the race. This trek will take you deep into a part of the Manning Valley many have never been. Trek past the Comboyne dairy farms and down into Ellenborough River Gorge. The high walled gorge is only accessible from a few locations and features deep pools and huge boulders. A timbered walkway (641 steps) is at the end of this leg to the top of the Falls. The Ellenborough Falls are located on the Bulga Plateau at Elands, and at 200m, are the highest single drop falls in the Southern Hemisphere. 

bike Leg 8 : 101km Mtn Bike

Tiri Mountain Bike


This is the longest leg of the race taking you from Ellenborough Falls across to Gloucester. The Dingo State Forest and Tapin Tops NP lie on a spectacular section of the Great Eastern Escarpment, high up in the mountains. This area is renowned for its thick forests and spectacular lookouts. Midway, you will  descend to meet the Manning River again crossing over the beautiful Tiri bridge before climbing up into the range beside Callaghan's Creek and down into Gloucester. You will pass through diary farms, timber plantations and communities connected to the land.

pack-rafttrek Leg 10 : 10km Trek & River Tube

Barrington River


Leg 10 will see teams tackle the Barrington River, popular for kayakers offering grade 1 & 2 rapids, and host of the Gloucester Mountain Man each year. Following a short trek along Barrington East Rd, teams will enter the river through the Barrington River Lodge. Their mode of transport down the river will be ski tubes.

bike Leg 11 : 87km Mtn Bike

The Glen 


Riding out from Barrington, teams will head along Thunderbolts Way and into Gloucester. The town sits in a picturesque river valley surrounded by hills at the junction of the Avon, Gloucester and Barrington rivers. It was a gold rush town in the 1800’s and home to the famous bushranger Capt. Thunderbolt. From here teams will ride down the picturesque Waukivory River Valley towards the Ghin-Doo-Ee NP and Myall River State Forest past popular camping grounds and relics from the timber getting past. Teams will finish the ride at the Bulahdelah Visitors Information Centre.

bike Leg 12 : 18km Trek

Alum Mountain, Bulahdelah 


Bulahdelah is dominated by Alum Mountain. Historically linked with the timber and mining industries today this area features the Bulahdelah Mountain Park which has a number of walks of varying grades and magnificent views. On top of the mountain are relics to its mining past and some of the best climbing on the coast. Named by explorer John Oxley in 1818 it is the only exposed outcrop of alunite in the world. The mountain is home to 85 varieties of orchids and fascinating landscapes. This leg will take teams around the mountain and into the Bulahdelah State Forest across the Koolonock Range to the shores of Myall Lake at Korsmans Landing.

paddle Leg 13 : 22km Kayak

Myall Lakes  


The Myall Lakes are recognised as a wetland of international significance. It covers an area triple that of Sydney Harbour and has an incredible 280 bird species that call the lake home, which is more than Kakadu. This leg will send teams across the main lake and towards its northern most shores. Along the way teams will pass by secluded white sandy beaches and remote camp sites. There is an optional portage between Two Mile & Boolambyte Lake. The area is popular for houseboats which are commonly moored in quiet bays.

paddle Leg 14 : 37km Trek

Seven Mile Beach 


A coastal journey covering all 3 of the great lakes. Starting from the shores of Myall Lake, teams will trek towards Smiths Lake and after a short swim, head towards Yaric Mountain and Pacific Palms. From here teams will hug the coastline to 7mile beach. This long stretch of sand separates Wallis Lake from the Pacific Ocean. At the end of 7Mile, the final pieces of the race fall into place as teams capture some iconic Forster landmarks to finish at Marine Rescue headquarters on the Forster Breakwall. 

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