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WildsideAR Special Edition is a 12, 24 or 36hr format adventure race

No support crews - just you and your team and the journey

Get ready for an adventure filled course chock full of challenges exploring the Great Lakes and Manning regions of NSW’s stunning north coast.



WildsideAR Special Edition is open to teams of 4 & 2, any configuration, but does recognise 4-person co-ed teams as the Premier Division.

 There is a limit of 20 teams in each race and each category.

WildsideAR™ will involve multiple disciplines and be prepared for combinations.

Trekking Trekking

Trekking means travel on foot over any type of terrain; it could be on trails or roads, or off-trail through forests, creek beds, and mountain ranges. What some teams consider as "trail running" might be "hiking" to another - it can depend on your route selection, how far into the race you are, time of day, and any number of factors. There will be a considerable amount of off-trail travel. Be ready to scramble, bush bash, and generally persevere through a wide variety of terrain.

Mountain Bike
Mountain Biking

WildsideAR will feature a wide range of mountain biking - easy rolling fire trails, technical single track, big climbs, and anything in between. Remember there will be parts of this race that will be difficult on your machine! So make sure you have spares and know your bike intimately.


The padling in WildsideAR 12/24 will be flat water rivers. However, wind can turn the average patch of blue into a tricky paddling challenge. We provide watercraft for 12hr teams and can supply craft for 24hr teams on request - teams must provide their own paddles and PFDs.



Using map and compass to find your way is integral to WildsideAR. Many sections of the race are wide open in terms of route selection and how your team should progress, usually with options and at times there may be NO trails or roads. Bush bashing, creek following, etc will be a component of this race. The topographic maps show the locations of race checkpoints that must be visited in sequence, and it is up to each team to select their exact route. Invariably, teams gain and lose hours of time in the race based on these strategic navigation decisions. We provide all the maps for the race. A unique feature of this years race will be Nav support tents at each TA. This is for non-competitive teams who are after some advice and help mapping. Using these tents will mean you are not in contention for any placings.

Mystery Legs

 Pack-raft  Packrafting

"Packrafting" is using small, inflatable craft to cross or float down rivers, streams and lakes, even run rapids or cross bays. There is a skill in gear and team mate placement with packrafts as how you ‘pack’ will dictate how comfortable you are and how fast you move. If a packraft leg is in the race we will provide watercraft - teams must provide their own paddles and PFDs.


WildsideAR may have some swimming. It could be to access a checkpoint or you may elect to swim as the best option to keep moving forward. Remember the water will be cold and you will need to make sure you have sufficient dry bags.


There may be a fixed rope section in WildsideAR. The ropes courses will be managed and tested by ropes experts and will be closely supervised by certified professional guides during the race. Climbing harnesses and all rope specific gear will be provided.


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